About Us

Anamay implies purity, free of defects and diseases both internally and externally.

Our Purpose:

To make positive difference in the business of our clients by aligning organizational values to the proven effective principles to achieve long lasting business results by our clients.

Our Inspiration:

What inspires us most are the positive results achieved through robust processes and practices in all the aspects of business. We are also driven by our motive of giving back our knowledge and experience to the society.

Our Beliefs:

  • Our clients are successful entrepreneurs who have good technology and have excellent relations with their customers.
  • Yet there are certain constraints both internal and external which are preventing our clients to grow and achieve consistent business results.
  • There is a need for external intervention, which act like a catalyst, which can bring in the scientific way of doing business with proper Leadership role, proper organizational and financial structure, proper Human processes etc.
  • There are ample opportunities to grab for achieving growth both by organic and inorganic way.
  • First priority always should be for internal purity. Only internally anchored persons who are value based with their values aligned with external principles achieve long lasting success.
  • Value based management can effectively unleash full potential of each and every employees and suppliers. Such management practices can enhance trust level with all the important stakeholders of the business.