Our Engagement Process

Our engagement is usually signed off for 2 years. We follow a 4 stage process after Client’s Objectives are properly understood and documented.

  • Diagnosis step is important to understand the current situation. We go through the financials and other data like Markets, customer mix, organisation structure, employee engagement level, core competencies etc. We use a tool called as Appreciative Enquiry to get a 360 degree view of an organisation.
  • Low hanging fruits are the obvious improvement ideas and projects, which are clearly visible and easy to implement. These could be implemented right away without waiting for full recommendations.
  • Recommendations are the comprehensive ideas to be implemented in phased manner. Usually the first priority is to improve the Profit and Loss statements to an ideal P&L statement in terms of percentages. This is to gain a sound financial health to take further steps for growth. Further recommendations are for a strategy for long term objectives and better governance of the business.
  • Execution is the most important step and we hold the hands and take accountability for implementation of our ideas along with CEO of the company. This step usually last for upto 2 years and it is here lots of tools and techniques are used to bring in the desired results in terms of original objectives.